Our Team

There are four levels of addiction: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We will discuss each level in-depth and provide tips for overcoming addiction. Most people who try drugs or engage in risky behaviors don’t become addicted.

So must be need a multi service team

Meet Our team

Dr. Samsul Alom (Psychiatrist)

Dr. Sakulur Rahman ( MBBS)
Dr. Hasan Sharif (MBBS)
Md. Sujon Miya (Psychologist)

Office Staff

Rashed Sardar ( Woard Boy)
Sahin Merda (Word Boy)
Masud Rana (Word Boy)
Riad Khan ( Manager)
Md Shuvo ( Programmer)
Sumon (Kitchen man)
Md Babu ( Cleaner )
Md Shawon ( Security Officer)